Why you should care about China’s VPN crackdown

Internet censors have a new target. The Chinese and Russian governments recently announced plans to block the use of “virtual private networks” (VPNs), which are a key tool for people trying to avoid internet restrictions and surveillance. This crackdown isn’t surprising, given the two countries’ histories of monitoring their citizens and blocking certain websites and […]

Self-driving car manufacturers need to put rivalries aside to fight hackers

Once hackers get into your internet-connected car, they could disable the air bags, brakes, door locks and even steal the vehicle. That’s the finding of researchers who recently uncovered a flaw in the way the different components of a connected car talk to each other. Their work follows several demonstrations of researchers remotely hacking into and taking control of […]

Plan and execute on social media with this pro training bundle — for under $35

Many companies, even those tasked with maintaining and growing a proven brand, can run into problems when it comes to social media messaging. Between the change and diversity of popular social media platforms jockeying for position along with the dearth of qualified social media managers available, it’s not hard for a business to run into […]

Facebook users can now take 360 photos from within the app

Since inception, Facebook users have uploaded over 70 million 360 photos. And of these 70 million 360 photos, exactly zero were taken using Facebook’s built-in camera. Starting today, that all changes. Users can now take 360 videos from the Facebook app itself, and upload them instantly for viewing on their Timeline, in albums, or Groups. Previously, […]